The 2015 PATH Act included almost 20 changes for business filers.  Among them are the act modifies and makes permanent small business expensing; research credits are permanent; independent oil refiners can exclude oil transport costs in computing domestic production activity deduction; work opportunity tax credit is restored; mine rescue team training credit is restored; and the differential wage credit is restored.

There were 29 changes to depreciation and expensing.

12 chanes were brought forward for partnerships.

21 Energy provisions and credits among them was exterior windows, including skylights, and exterior doors must meet Version 6.0 of the Energy Star program requirements to qualify for the nonbusiness energy property credit.

12 changes to the education provisions among them were making the $250 teacher deduction permanent; the AOTC is now permanent but students must have a TIN, computers and software and peripherals are eligible education expenses in most cases, and the qualified tuition deduction is extended through 2016.  There are others.

12 changes for charitable contributions.

9 changes tot he foreign provisions and FIRPTA.

10 changes to REITs.

3 changes for Stock sales and basis among them executors must provide IRS and property recipients with estate tax value information for income tax basis purposes.

So many more I cant list them all.  It is never better to come see me than now.